Are you no longer able to watch your old home movies because your projector died? Has your old film started to deteriorate?
Are you looking for that perfect gift to give Mom & Dad, the Kids
or the Grandkids? Let us convert your old home movies to a convenient Video Program. Our Hi-grade transfer process brings out the best in your film!

We can convert the following formats:
  • 8mm - Super 8mm (sound/silent)
  • l6mm (sound/silent)

After your film is converted to video, come into our studio and add your voice and music to the video, so future generations will know all the wonderful stories about Great Grandma & Uncle Herman. We can also recommend a higher grade mastering process for your video for superior VHS copies or for future transfer of your video to DVDs once the process is standardized. We have very competitive prices and all film transfers are done in-house.

Call us at
503-777-4621 or email us for our current prices.

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